The territory of the former residence of the Romanian Queen Marie has the statute of a landmark of culture.

In 1987 г. the complex was declared a monument of culture, and its complete name is Architectural-Park Complex “The Palace”.

In 2002 the Architectural-Park Complex “The Palace” was declared a Group Architectural Monument of Culture as well as a Monument of Park and Landscape Architecture within the category “National Monuments of Culture”.

The following buildings have been declared  Listed Buildings or Property-Monuments of Culture:

Roman loggia / Nympheum/

The Chapel "Virgin Mary" /Stella Maris/

Well "Gyumyush bunar"

Villa "Suite"

Villa "Prince Nicholas"

Architectural and artistic monument in category "ensemble of importance" are villas: Arch /Guard room/, The Queen's Reception Room, villa Moara, Gutman, Izbunda, Uizine /Power station/ and The Seamstress Room, and administrative buildings of the Cultural Centre "Dvoretsa" and "Botanical Gardens".

After introducing the Law on the Cultural Heritage in 2009, the Architectural-Park Complex “The Palace” has had the statute of a Group Property Monument of Culture.